Tuesday, 28 April 2015

CutieKiwi's Creative: HiveMC Survival Games!

Hey Minecrafters,

Sorry, I've been working on big builds lately and haven't finished them yet, so this week I've got another recommendation- HiveMC Survival Games!

The HiveMC Survival Games are a fun PvP game where you must battle to survive by looting chests found in the cornucopia and dotted around the arena. You have to always be watchful and wary, as fellow competitors might be behind you. Stay alive for the longest to then compete in the Deathmatch, a battle where the lone survivor becomes the winner!

I hope you liked this recommendation! Be sure to give this a go! Remember to comment and subscribe to the Crafters.

Keep Crafting Til' The Sun Goes Down,

CutieKiwi XD

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

CutieKiwi's Creative: San Fransokyo Port!


Lately I've been working on another project alongside Craftopolis- San Fransokyo from Big Hero 6. I've been working on one of the first buildings you see in the movie, the San Fransokyo Port. Here's a photopeach of the Port.

I hope you liked it! Remember to comment ideas for Craftopolis!

Keep Crafting Til' The Sun Goes Down,

CutieKiwi XD

Monday, 13 April 2015

CutieKiwi's Creative: Minecraft Playlist!

Hey Minecrafters,

Sorry, I haven't had much time to build lately, so I've put together a playlist of some of my favourite Minecraft videos. Enjoy! :)

Hope you liked it! :)

Keep Crafting Til' The Sun Goes Down,


Monday, 6 April 2015

CutieKiwi's Creative: The Lab HiveMC!

Hey Minecrafters,

Sorry, I haven't had much time to build this week, so here's a recommendation about one of my favourite games on HiveMC, a minigames surver! The Lab is a fun game where you play as a test subject for the nefarious Dr Zuk, a scientist. He will put you to the test in three random minigames. You must battle other test subjects for the title of the best test subject! You earn atoms by getting a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in one of the minigames. My personal favourite is DodgeBall! Try this on HiveMC!

Hope you liked this! :)

Keep Crafting Til' The Sun Goes Down,


Saturday, 4 April 2015

April Fools Update!

Hey guys! Pinky Here!

I am literally soooooooo sorry that I haven't posted in ages.

Anyways, recently it has been april fools day. Minecraft came up with an update for april fools day! Its really hilarious and I always look forward to these updates each year!

This year, minecraft came with the update where the whole minecraft world is 'love' theme.

The clouds are heart shaped!

The water has hearts coming out of it!

Snow in the desert?

Horses can be put on your heads!

Creepers are soooo adorable!

You can only have one world.

And finally, theres heart swords!!!!!!

This is really awesome, and I hope mojang keep minecraft like this forever!

See you, Pinky