Hi everyone,

I'm Crusaderskiwi,you probaly will be able to tell that i like rugby and support the Crusaders.
I'm 8 years old and love minecraft and am loving being part of the crafters. I'm am the one who has built the parks stadiums tunnels,airports,and planes the big park over the road from Shiz Uni. I'm also building many other citys like Craftville and Crafton City but i like Craftopolis the most because how many people have built it and it just makes it a hole lot more enjoyable.

 The people that have me out with 2 extras cities Crafton City and Craftville are
Crafton City:Fireboy191,Nanorocks202 and KINGZRULE!
Craftville:Fireboy191,KINGZRULE and SHINEKIWI with digging out space for the airports runways.

So thank you to those people you've been a massive help.I inveted both of those cities but wouldn't of been able to do it without them and the night of the day i started Crafton City Kingzrule was on and i asked him if he wanted to help with Crafton City and he said sure so i wouldn't of been having 2 cities without him so thx Kingz.


  1. Some people may have seen lately i've started building 3 different residental Suburb one you should know. The suburbs are Craftville Direction head towards the hospital and then go about 2000 blocks behind that it is over a hill. Then there is also Oraville just behind Craftville it has C.C.C.T. Stadium Craftopolis Cruman Central Trust Stadium, Several Houses and Mabye a future Hotel! Then the newest of the lot Smashdrunam Directons: Go towards Cutiekiwi and Shinekiwis School just keeping heading that direction you'll see a Skyscraper

    From Owner of Cruman

  2. I'm making a currency for Craftopolis any Ideas?