Hey guys,
So I'm assuming that since this is my page, I'm supposed to do stuff about me, right?! Well, I'm an epic crafter (obviously!!), but, unlike Sky and Cutie, I haven't really done any minecraft arty stuff. In fact, I just love to actually play minecraft and build awesome things. I also enjoy PvE (Player versus Environment), and other minecraft games. I am not that good at minecraft parkour though... (or redstone, or most survival games, etc. etc.! XD) I saw a comment from Lucy asking Sky what her least favourite minecraft monster would be, so I thought I'd tell you mine: My least favourite minecraft monster would have to be probably, ummm, all of them! Frankly, when I'm on survival they all really annoy me!

So, that's about it for now, please comment and tell me what you would like to see popping up on my page! :P
And one more thing.... please refer to me as Shine, everyone does!

~Shine :P

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