Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The top 5 things you'll regret in MC!

Hey everyone! Pinky here! Today, because I have not had much time to make a blog post, I'm going to make a quick blog post about 5 things you'll regret in Mine craft!

1. Hitting that creeper, and now its following you everywhere!

2. Attacking those Zombie pig men without any armour on.

3. Going into 'The End' in survival.

4. Making a big TNT bomb.

And finally....

5. Killing your pet dog on mine craft.... come on, you know you had a memorial service or something! Lol.

Any way, I PROMISE that I will have another Pinky's Reviews soon!


And don't accidentally hit some TNT with flint and steel


Monday, 24 February 2014

CutieKiwi's Creative- City!

Hi guys! CutieKiwi here!
I am continuing my segment, CutieKiwi's Creative! This week, we have my City world. I spent ages on this, and some of the Crafters and my other friends helped me create some buildings. I am really proud of this world. Here is an Animoto showing parts of the city.

What's your favourite house you've built in Minecraft? Leave a comment below or send us an email at

Watch out for lava!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

SkyKiwi's Stronghold of Minecraft Info- Stronghold Edition

Hey Guys,

I am happy to introduce my new segment on the blog- SkyKiwi's Stronghold of Minecraft info. So on this segment I will give you a whole great big stronghold of info of one subject. To start my new segment I am going to tell you about strongholds. Please leave a comment on what I should tell you about next time.

SkyKiwi at the only stronghold with an ender portal in the world.

There are 3 strongholds in every world. One which contains a ender portal. Strongholds can be found by using eyes of ender. Strongholds can vary in size but are mainly large and involve many rooms. Strongholds contain chest, which could contain: PaperRedstone,BooksEnchanted BooksCoalGold IngotsIron IngotsCompassesApplesGolden ApplesEnder Pearls,Iron ChestplatesIron BootsIron PickaxesIron HelmetsIron LeggingsMapsIron SwordsObsidian, and Diamonds. 

Strongholds are underground and often intercepted by cave systems, ravines and abandoned mines. They may be connected to a dungeon or even merge into an abandoned mine. Strongholds contain regular mobs that spawn under normal conditions, as well as silverfish that are created when someone either mines one of the blocks within, or find the End Portal room, which contains a Silverfish spawner. 

Rooms that can be in a stronghold are the ender portal room, empty prison cells, empty rooms, fountain rooms, store rooms, libraries and stair rooms.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Smileykiwi's Silly Minecraft Mistakes and Don't Do's: Sound And Zombie Pigmen!

Hey! It's smileykiwi! It's time for a new section, Smileykiwi's Silly Minecraft Mistakes and Don't Do's! In this section, I will be covering silly mistakes I've made, or don't do's that I've seen other people do. It should be super fun, and if you guys have any don't dos, you can e-mail The Crafters and I'll stick it the next edition!

So today I'm talking about one of my first Silly Minecraft Mistakes, having the sound turned down on survival. Although I understand you may want to, sometimes it can be vital. For instance, a zombie can sneak up on you, or you can miss a whole stash of cows! This happened to me on my first ever survival world, and I have always played with the sound on from then on.

And a Don't Do for today, Don't Attack A Zombie Pigmen! It's best just to leave them alone, as all the  Zombie Pigmen in the area will attack you. If you do decide to attack them, here are a few tips.

     1. Be well armoured and ready
     2. Don't attack on a multiplayer server, otherwise they will attack every person on the server
     and lastly
     3. If all turns to custard, go through the portal, and shut it off. Then leave your world. This may refresh it, otherwise, be prepared next time!

Stay Epic, Craftettes!

Villager Resource pack!

HI everyone! PinkGlitter here (you can call me Pinky) , and I am very excited to announce that I am starting a new 'series' called 'Pinky's Reviews!' where I'll be reviewing maps, mods, texture packs etc. Now, bear in mind that I'm not trying to 'advertise' anything, I'm not getting paid (but I would be happy if you would consider doing so lol jk) But anyways, lets start!

The thing I am reviewing today is.....

The Element Animation Villager Sounds Resource Pack!
..... or T.E.A.V.S.R.P...... Yup it just rolls off the tongue :)

Any ways, They actually have not changed any of the textures of this pack, just the sounds!

Basically, this pack includes sounds like:

When walking on grass: Grass grass grass

When walking on Snow: Snow snow snow          

When walking on Sand: Sand sand sand

When walking on Gravel: Gravel gravel gravel

But thats not all! It also includes sounds like: dig, smash, break and Splash

Also, the villagers talk to you!

This project was inspired by project P.E.W

Thx for looking at our blog,

And don't let the zombies eat your flesh!

Pinky :)

Thursday, 20 February 2014

How to Download a map for a Apple mac

I love downloading maps and playing LAN with the other Crafters. I think you guys should learn to download a map. This is only for Apple macs. First a good map. Some great searches are minecraft adventure maps or the name of the world (if you know it). Now find the download button and download. Drag it onto the desktop and if it's a zip file open it and turn it into a folder. Go to Go then click go to folder. Type ~/Library then click go. Go into application support then Minecraft. Go into saves then drop the world folder into. Go into minecraft and play your world.
My favourite maps  
Arendelle Castle- Top Left, Mineton City-Top Right,
Vertoak City-Bottom Left, Osada- Bottom Right
 Tell me about your new map or if you need more help.


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

CutieKiwi's Creative- Frozen!

Hi! CutieKiwi here!

Okay, so the new Disney movie, Frozen, has just come out and I am obsessed with it (as all the Crafters know...). I am so obsessed, I made a world based on the movie. It's still a work in progress, but I thought that to kick off my new series of blog posts (CutieKiwi's Creative) I could show some screenshots of it. I have recently completed Arendelle. Anyway, here are the pics:
Elsa's Castle balcony

Elsa's Castle

Arendelle Castle

Arendelle Marketplace/ Square

Valley of the Trolls

What is your favourite Disney movie? Post in the comments below, and also send pictures of your Minecraft worlds to us at 

Don't be killed by an enderman......

Hi there! I'm Pinky

Hi there! I'm Pinkg1itter.

 I love mine craft sooooo much! I started when most of my friends started playing, because it was like a trend or something. I remember my first world (it sucked lol) , it had a large house, but it was a really weird house!

Anyways, I'm not going to talk about my whole life story! I am definitely looking forward to seeing everyones comments!

Q: Whats your favourite game mode? Survival or creative?
Let me know in the comments below!

Say cool, and don't let the creepers explode your house

Your friend, Pinky :)

Friday, 14 February 2014

Hi! I'm smileykiwi.

Hi! I'm smileykiwi. I absolutely love Mincraft! I've playing Minecraft for the past 2 years. I started at 1.2 and have found it a fun, engaging creative game. I love Creative and have made some amazing creations. I've played quite a bit of survival and even done a couple of successful hardcore worlds.

I hope you can grab some great ideas of this blog, as we just want to share your knowledge, experience and love of Minecraft with other Minecrafters.

Until next time,

Stay Epic, Craftettes!

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Meet SkyKiwi

I am SkyKiwi, another one of the Crafters. I absolutely love Minecraft. I love Creative and am not that good at Survival, but I can still help you survive. I got Minecraft at the update 1.2.5- May 2012.  Please comment and tell us what you want to see on this blog and we will see what we can do to help you become the best minecrafters ever.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Hey, I'm CutieKiwi!


I'm  CutieKiwi, and I am one of the Crafters! This blog will be your ULTIMATE guide to Minecraft. I joined Minecraft just before 1.3 (about July, 2012), when two of the other Crafters, Snevey123 and SkyKiwi persuaded me to. I prefer Creative to Survival, but I am happy to help with either. I can do building tutorials-please comment and say what you would like to see on our blog.