Friday, 21 February 2014

Smileykiwi's Silly Minecraft Mistakes and Don't Do's: Sound And Zombie Pigmen!

Hey! It's smileykiwi! It's time for a new section, Smileykiwi's Silly Minecraft Mistakes and Don't Do's! In this section, I will be covering silly mistakes I've made, or don't do's that I've seen other people do. It should be super fun, and if you guys have any don't dos, you can e-mail The Crafters and I'll stick it the next edition!

So today I'm talking about one of my first Silly Minecraft Mistakes, having the sound turned down on survival. Although I understand you may want to, sometimes it can be vital. For instance, a zombie can sneak up on you, or you can miss a whole stash of cows! This happened to me on my first ever survival world, and I have always played with the sound on from then on.

And a Don't Do for today, Don't Attack A Zombie Pigmen! It's best just to leave them alone, as all the  Zombie Pigmen in the area will attack you. If you do decide to attack them, here are a few tips.

     1. Be well armoured and ready
     2. Don't attack on a multiplayer server, otherwise they will attack every person on the server
     and lastly
     3. If all turns to custard, go through the portal, and shut it off. Then leave your world. This may refresh it, otherwise, be prepared next time!

Stay Epic, Craftettes!

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