Hi Dee Ho Everyone!

My name is (obviously) Vioper and I am pretty sure I have the best logo :P

Like Shine, I don't do art work (but I can start if you want!) because I just build :)

Things about me... Hmmm...

Well, firstly, Shine was honestly and truly, the person who introduced Minecraft to me.
I find building things based on food a lot more amusing than building things that aren't.
When I am on survival, I suck. I suck because Skykiwi and I found a really good way of killing chickens and when I am on survival I can't use that method so I just starve. Why, you ask? Because I think every animal on Minecraft is adorable except for the chickens so I can't really put myself into mass murderer mode :P

P.S, I (also) made a cross breed thingy mabob. It is called the Enderslender!

If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask me :)


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  1. You should have written cross breed thingy 'mob'. Mimsy