Monday, 31 March 2014

CutieKiwi's Creative- Mikeland Crafters

Hi Minecrafters,
This is a server I absolutely LOVE- we even share the same name (Crafters! :P)! This was originally called Mikeland Creative, but they recently merged it with another server (PvE). One thing I love about Mikeland is that it's a Creative server! You don't tend to get that much..... anyway, I have recently been playing PvE on it, and it was super fun with some friends!

 The name is Mikeland Crafters or just Crafters. The ip address is  When it comes up on your server list, it should look like this.

I hope you enjoy this server as much as I do! 

Keep Crafting Til' The Sun Goes Down, 
CutieKiwi :)

Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Crafters Quickbuild!

Hi Minecrafters,
I'm really excited- I've just put the first YouTube video on our account! For our first video, Pinky created a Quickbuild competition world. SkyKiwi and I were the competitors. So, the point of Quickbuild is to get a category and build something in that category in the time constraint. At the end, you get your audience and subscribers to watch it and vote for either 1 (me) or 2 (SkyKiwi). Anyway, enough with the talking... Here is our first video!

Whose did you like more? Tell us in the comments on YouTube, or just below. We will tell you in the next video who won. Please subscribe for more epicness! :)

Keep Crafting Til' The Sun Goes Down,
CutieKiwi :)

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Mimsy's Medieval Madness Edition #1

Hey guys,
Today I am posting to introduce Mimsy's Medieval Madness. On my medieval world I will create cool medieval buildings and places (in creative) and then create a kind of advertisement of them. The first one is the Hotel/Bar:

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app

Monday, 17 March 2014

CutieKiwi's Creative- Frozen Update

Hi fellow Minecrafters! :P
I've done two posts previously about my Frozen world, and now I have finished it! I am super happy with it and I am going to start a survival LAN "server" for me and some friends. It'll have ranks such as Noble, Servant, Merchant, Elsa (me),  Anna, Royal and more. Here is a photopeach showing the completed kingdoms.

Frozen- Finished! on PhotoPeach

Any ideas for more kingdoms, houses or other things? Please comment- we would really appreciate it! Keep on slaying those creepers! :P

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Why I love minecraft!

Hello everyone!
It is pinky, and I was super bored, so I decided to make a animoto about how much I love minecraft!


Monday, 10 March 2014

Ask a Crafter!

Hi guys,
Since this blog is a Minecraft guide, we decided to put some tips on from our readers. Please feel free to comment on any of our posts and ask for tips. Here are some questions from our readers.

Eatonator1 asked "How do you make a portal?"

There are two different types of portal- an End portal, and a Nether portal. Both of them have them have lots of monsters (in the End, there is the Ender Dragon, so watch out!) so always go well equipped! To make an End portal, either find a Stronghold (see SkyKiwi's stronghold post here) and put Eye of Ender in each portal block or make one on Creative by placing portal blocks and Eyes of Ender in a 12 block square like so:
An Ender Portal
A Nether portal is different. There is the Eco version, and the normal version. The Eco version's only difference is that it is corner less.  Today I am going to teach you how to make the normal version. Place four Obsidian blocks on the ground. On each end of the line of Obsidian, jump and place another four blocks of Obsidian. Do this on both ends. Once you have done this, place two Obsidian blocks between the towers.  It should look like this:
A Nether Portal
I hope this answered your question, Eatonator1!

Another question from a reader (keazl) is "How do you change your skin?" 

This is easy. Find the skin you like and download it to your desktop. Then go to , log in, go to Profile and change your skin by uploading it. It should appear on your Minecraft in a few minutes. I personally recommend choosing a skin off the Skindex.

I hope we answered your questions, Eatonator1 and keazl!

Look out for the Ender Dragon,
CutieKiwi :)

Saturday, 8 March 2014

CutieKiwi's Creative- Survival.....?

Hi guys! CutieKiwi here!
I wanted to sort of do something different for this edition of CutieKiwi's Creative... so here it is. A Survival world. Sorry Creative fans, but for this edition, I'm handing the segment over to the Survival side of things. LOL. That doesn't really make sense. Oh, well....

Okay, so this is a Survival world of mine called.... Survival (so creative isn't it?! Haha, Creative get it???? No? Okay, enough with my bad wordplay....). My Survival world is a treehouse world. I got this idea because I read on Minecraft Wiki that if you haven't built a shelter yet in Survival, climb up a tree and place a few torches, and most monsters will be unable to get to you. I decided to combine the idea of a shelter and a tree to get ultimate safety. This is one of my best Survival worlds I've ever made (this is a LAN world, and most of the Crafters have contributed...).

The view from the top of Vioper's house/ "hotel"

Have you ever made a treehouse in Minecraft before? Leave a comment below and send pictures to us at

Don't jump into lava....

Shinekiwi's Super Awesome Things to Build!

Hey guys,
Quick post - an awesome thing to build is something not very original, quite delicious, and it can be totally personalised! It is..... Drumroll please........ A GINGERBREAD HOUSE oops sorry, let's upgrade a little - A GINGERBREAD HOUSE CASTLE!!!
I recommend doing this on sugarpack - a texture pack based entirely on candy, with chocolate lava, donut pigs, and custard water, to name a few. This was a pack vioper told us about (yay vioper!!!) and it really works for builds like this. My castle isn't quite finished, but I will update the post with photos once it's done. Once again, I built this on my tryouts world, "The Everything", because it's a great world, and this was a tryout build. Here is a screenshot of the front of the castle (later I plan for it to have an archway...)

Start a tryout world!
And please, try the server HiveMC! (Sorry, I can't remember the server address!)


Friday, 7 March 2014

Smileykiwi's Silly Minecraft Mistakes and Don't Do's: Nether Portals and Beds

Hey guys!

Do you still remember me? It's smileykiwi! I haven't done a post in ages, so I thought I'd do one now.

A silly mistake: Once, I travelled to the Nether. It was all fun, dodging Ghasts and mining Quartz, and then, once I was done, I exited the Nether. When I went back to my Nether Portal a few Minecraft days later, a few mobs had wandered through, that killed me. The moral of the story, be careful round your nether portal!

A Don't Do: Only place a bed in the Overworld/spawn world. Otherwise it will blow up. And that is not good.

Stay Epic, Craftettes!


Pinky's Pranks!

Helllooo everyone! Pinkg1itter here! So, basically, I want to have a bit more fun with my own segment, so I've decided that 'Pinky's Reviews' is no more!

I am going to be starting a new segment called 'Pinky's Pranks', Which might feature I and a couple of crafters, trolling people and stuff like that! Its going to be suuuppper fun, and also now there is around 6 crafters! Which is amazing!

Stay Glittery!

Pinky! <3

Thursday, 6 March 2014

SkyKiwi and Vioper's Family Of Monsters

Quite a while ago SkyKiwi and I made a house with quite a well, weird family. Our mum was a witch called Lisa, our sisters were skeletons, our brother was a magma cube and our dad was an Enderman called Harold. The house was perfect until we realized that Harold kept on disappearing. It was so hard to keep Harold in the house and I mean, IT WAS HARD ENOUGH HAVING TO DRINK A NIGHT VISION POTION EVERY 8 MINUTES!

SkyKiwi and I soon found out that in order to keep Harold in the house, we had to make water curtains on the house (water covering the whole house like walls). Finally Harold stayed in the house. Soon after that we found out that Lisa was very rude so we killed her and spawned a new witch called Veronica. Veronica was a lovely mum until we accidentally mixed Veronica up for Lisa so we ended up killing Veronica. After that we decided to make a witch farm so the last one living would be our mum and we would call her Veronica. Once there was only one witch left we called her Veronica and pushed her into our house by constantly running into her.

Now our family was all complete and we could get to know each other better. Something really awkward about Harold was he was always sparkling when he walked down the hall which was really distracting. One morning, ShineKiwi and I found this baby zombie, trapped him and called him Cousin Timmy. We also found a slime and we called him Uncle Joe. Unfortunately, the next day Cousin Timmy died. After that ShineKiwi and I found an easy way of killing chicken (digging a hole, spawning chickens and then killing them with a diamond sword).

So that is basically the story about me and SkyKiwi's Family Of Monsters.
If you have any interesting stories PLEASE comment and tell us below!

- By Vioper :)
Here is the link to the Minecraft Wiki page about Enderman:


Introducing ... Mims02 (Mimsy)

                                                  Hi everyone!
I'm Mims02, a new addition to The Crafters (but you can call me Mimsy 'cause it's easier to say.)
I LOVE musical theatre and reading. Lots of my worlds are either theatre sets or scenes from books. 
I started minecraft when my friend and I played it on her XBox and I begged Mum to let me have one and she did. I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to parkour but am great at interior and exterior design. I'll be the person to make the plan and then tell everyone to build it while I sit around fishing or eating cake (YUM!!!!)

Please comment and give me some ideas on what to build!!!

Don't let the zombie break down your door!!!

(No skin yet but am working on it)

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Help in Survival

Hey guys,

So sorry I haven't been posting in a while. I am just doing a quick post.

So to stay alive in survival follow these tips.

1. Build your house near where animals are

2. Put torches in your house and around it

3. Don't go on easy until you are ready

4. Have an entry from your house to your mine

5. When your hungry don't lose to many hearts because you don't regain hearts if your to hungry

Extra Tip: Don't jump of cliffs or do anything to stupid

A survival world of mine


Views Chart By Vioper :)

Introducing Vioper :)

Hi Dee Ho Everyone!

My name is Vioper and I am a new epic crafter!
Yes I know, it is very exciting!!!
I will do some new posts soon so keep a look out.
I only got Minecraft last year when I was with ShineKiwi playing on her siblings account. That is when I said to myself that I had to get this, it was a no brainer! So obviously I got it and I loved it.
When I was in year 5 all the boys played Minecraft and all I knew about it was slimes and killing zombies so I thought it was a pointless waste of time until I found out about the building bit. Now I LOVE Minecraft and love building new creations.

Please feel free to comment and give me ideas for what to build!

From Vioper :) :) :)

Monday, 3 March 2014

CutieKiwi's Creative- Fire! :(

Hi! CutieKiwi here!
Today, I went on my Frozen world (read the original post here) and inside my castle, a surprise was waiting for me. So, a couple of days ago, I added a fire to the room where Hans sees Anna after her journey and, well, Frozen fans will know what happens next. Anyway, I added a fire and all the precautions to make sure that the fire wouldn't burn down my mostly wooden castle. As I said before, I went on the world today at lunchtime with ShineKiwi and SkyKiwi and entered the castle to see practically everything burnt down. At first, we all presumed this was the work of a hacker's griefing (explanation of griefing here), but we soon realised that it had to be the fire, despite taking every possible precaution. Here is a photopeach showing the screenshots I took while we were rebuilding.
Frozen Fire on PhotoPeach

Luckily, Shine and Sky helped me rebuild. The moral of the story? Don't make a fire in a wooden house (common knowledge in real life), however many safety precautions you have. Oh, and when rebuilding things in Minecraft, do it with a friend. It's more fun and faster (we rebuilt in about 15 minutes!).
Don't build a fire in a wooden house (I'm serious!),
Your friend, CutieKiwi :)

Shinekiwi's Super Awesome Things to Build!

Hey guys!

Are you bored of creative? Killed all those zombies on survival? Then I recommend starting a world that is a try out world for all sorts of super awesome builds. I have a world like this called "The Everything" and the title basically gives it away. This world is all about trying out new things to build. Which gives me an idea. You can also make worlds for movies you've seen, or books you've read, such as Cutiekiwi's builds based on Frozen, my fellow Minecrafter kingzrule's build based on Despicable Me, and I've also made the flying house from Up. 

Here are some screenshots of these worlds:

Up House and Gru's House Despicable Me - Shinekiwi (Up) and Kingzrule (Despicable Me)

Elsa's Castle and Arendelle Castle - CutieKiwi (Frozen)

Here are some screenshots of "The Everything"

Pyramids (Shinekiwi), Glass Specimens (Shinekiwi), and Zombie Castle and Maze (kingzrule)

Never forget google search for inspiration! And please, don't leave an open fire in your house! (It ends badly... Just ask CutieKiwi!) 

Shinekiwi :)

Introducing Shinekiwi!

Hey Guys! I'm Shinekiwi!

So. I'm a new addition to the blog, but not to the crafters! I joined minecraft when my friends got accounts and kept telling me I should join. I used to hate minecraft (as did Cutiekiwi) but now I cannot believe how wrong I was! I love creative, survival is really not for me, but I do like survival multiplayer games. I'm going to start a bunch of posts called "Shinekiwi's Super Awesome Things to Build!" They will have lots of cool stuff. (I promise!) Please comment and ask me anything you need! :)