Saturday, 8 March 2014

CutieKiwi's Creative- Survival.....?

Hi guys! CutieKiwi here!
I wanted to sort of do something different for this edition of CutieKiwi's Creative... so here it is. A Survival world. Sorry Creative fans, but for this edition, I'm handing the segment over to the Survival side of things. LOL. That doesn't really make sense. Oh, well....

Okay, so this is a Survival world of mine called.... Survival (so creative isn't it?! Haha, Creative get it???? No? Okay, enough with my bad wordplay....). My Survival world is a treehouse world. I got this idea because I read on Minecraft Wiki that if you haven't built a shelter yet in Survival, climb up a tree and place a few torches, and most monsters will be unable to get to you. I decided to combine the idea of a shelter and a tree to get ultimate safety. This is one of my best Survival worlds I've ever made (this is a LAN world, and most of the Crafters have contributed...).

The view from the top of Vioper's house/ "hotel"

Have you ever made a treehouse in Minecraft before? Leave a comment below and send pictures to us at

Don't jump into lava....

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