Saturday, 8 March 2014

Shinekiwi's Super Awesome Things to Build!

Hey guys,
Quick post - an awesome thing to build is something not very original, quite delicious, and it can be totally personalised! It is..... Drumroll please........ A GINGERBREAD HOUSE oops sorry, let's upgrade a little - A GINGERBREAD HOUSE CASTLE!!!
I recommend doing this on sugarpack - a texture pack based entirely on candy, with chocolate lava, donut pigs, and custard water, to name a few. This was a pack vioper told us about (yay vioper!!!) and it really works for builds like this. My castle isn't quite finished, but I will update the post with photos once it's done. Once again, I built this on my tryouts world, "The Everything", because it's a great world, and this was a tryout build. Here is a screenshot of the front of the castle (later I plan for it to have an archway...)

Start a tryout world!
And please, try the server HiveMC! (Sorry, I can't remember the server address!)


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