Monday, 3 March 2014

Shinekiwi's Super Awesome Things to Build!

Hey guys!

Are you bored of creative? Killed all those zombies on survival? Then I recommend starting a world that is a try out world for all sorts of super awesome builds. I have a world like this called "The Everything" and the title basically gives it away. This world is all about trying out new things to build. Which gives me an idea. You can also make worlds for movies you've seen, or books you've read, such as Cutiekiwi's builds based on Frozen, my fellow Minecrafter kingzrule's build based on Despicable Me, and I've also made the flying house from Up. 

Here are some screenshots of these worlds:

Up House and Gru's House Despicable Me - Shinekiwi (Up) and Kingzrule (Despicable Me)

Elsa's Castle and Arendelle Castle - CutieKiwi (Frozen)

Here are some screenshots of "The Everything"

Pyramids (Shinekiwi), Glass Specimens (Shinekiwi), and Zombie Castle and Maze (kingzrule)

Never forget google search for inspiration! And please, don't leave an open fire in your house! (It ends badly... Just ask CutieKiwi!) 

Shinekiwi :)

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