Thursday, 6 March 2014

SkyKiwi and Vioper's Family Of Monsters

Quite a while ago SkyKiwi and I made a house with quite a well, weird family. Our mum was a witch called Lisa, our sisters were skeletons, our brother was a magma cube and our dad was an Enderman called Harold. The house was perfect until we realized that Harold kept on disappearing. It was so hard to keep Harold in the house and I mean, IT WAS HARD ENOUGH HAVING TO DRINK A NIGHT VISION POTION EVERY 8 MINUTES!

SkyKiwi and I soon found out that in order to keep Harold in the house, we had to make water curtains on the house (water covering the whole house like walls). Finally Harold stayed in the house. Soon after that we found out that Lisa was very rude so we killed her and spawned a new witch called Veronica. Veronica was a lovely mum until we accidentally mixed Veronica up for Lisa so we ended up killing Veronica. After that we decided to make a witch farm so the last one living would be our mum and we would call her Veronica. Once there was only one witch left we called her Veronica and pushed her into our house by constantly running into her.

Now our family was all complete and we could get to know each other better. Something really awkward about Harold was he was always sparkling when he walked down the hall which was really distracting. One morning, ShineKiwi and I found this baby zombie, trapped him and called him Cousin Timmy. We also found a slime and we called him Uncle Joe. Unfortunately, the next day Cousin Timmy died. After that ShineKiwi and I found an easy way of killing chicken (digging a hole, spawning chickens and then killing them with a diamond sword).

So that is basically the story about me and SkyKiwi's Family Of Monsters.
If you have any interesting stories PLEASE comment and tell us below!

- By Vioper :)
Here is the link to the Minecraft Wiki page about Enderman:


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