Thursday, 20 February 2014

How to Download a map for a Apple mac

I love downloading maps and playing LAN with the other Crafters. I think you guys should learn to download a map. This is only for Apple macs. First a good map. Some great searches are minecraft adventure maps or the name of the world (if you know it). Now find the download button and download. Drag it onto the desktop and if it's a zip file open it and turn it into a folder. Go to Go then click go to folder. Type ~/Library then click go. Go into application support then Minecraft. Go into saves then drop the world folder into. Go into minecraft and play your world.
My favourite maps  
Arendelle Castle- Top Left, Mineton City-Top Right,
Vertoak City-Bottom Left, Osada- Bottom Right
 Tell me about your new map or if you need more help.


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