Friday, 9 May 2014

Vioper's Top 5 Texture Packs!

Hiya, Vioper here!

So CutieKiwi and Pinky have done a top 5 so I was all like "OK, I WILL DO A TOP 5!"


1: Yay Toast! I cant explain how utterly awesome this texture pack is! It makes all the monsters and some blocks look adorable! It is just so cool!!!!!!!

2: Sugar Pack! IT JUST MAKES EVERYTHING LOOK SO YUMMY! There are donut pigs, waffle cats, hot chocolate lava! It is fun to build things like Candy Kingdoms with it.

3: Soartex Fanver! SkyKiwi showed me this texture pack and I really liked it. It is good for building modern things like houses and the villages look really cool!

4: Modern HD! Not many people will know this one because it came with a map that I downloaded. Like Soartex Fanver, it is really good for modern things and there is an Apple Laptop!!!!

5: This may surprise some people but my 5th favorite is Default! Yeah it is pretty boring and all but now and again I just like to go on Default and build some things.

Thanks for reading and P.S we are thinking of making merchandise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep Craftin' Peeps B)

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