Thursday, 12 June 2014

Pinky's Quiz #1

Hey Guys!

Pinky here!

I have made a quick quiz on 'Quiz your friends'
So every week I will try to upload a quiz for you guys.
This is so you guys can know a little bit more about Minecraft!

Heres the link to the first quiz!

Next week there will be the top 3 people who got the questions right and a new quiz!

To be in the top 3, please comment down below your normal/minecraft name with your score on my quiz!

Thanks guys!

Keep crafting til the sun goes down,

Pinkg1itter :)

<-------- Pinky!


  1. I got 100% XD! So did like heaps of others, but no one else has commented XD!!!!


  2. 100%- And I was the 3rd to get 100% sooooooo......

    -CutieKiwi XD