Monday, 25 August 2014

CutieKiwi's Creative- Mall Part 1

Heyo Minecrafters!

Since lately I haven't been doing much building (Lie! I was working on this.....), this week I wanted to show you part of a build I am working on at the moment. This is a work in progress, and so each week I'm going to show you a little more until eventually I've shown you the whole mall. This week in Part 1, we have some lifts, escalators made with water and signs (Thanks to Rails2Revolution for the design! :D ), a Starbucks, a SoYo (Frozen Yoghurt) and lots of outdoor seating. Anyways, here's the clip.

Do you like it? Next week I'll show you a little more! =D Comment your favourite shop or place in a mall in the comments below and I'll build it for you! Remember to comment and subscribe!

Keep Crafting Til' The Sun Goes Down,

CutieKiwi XD

1 comment:

  1. I love the use of flowerpots in the SoYo. It would be cool to do a hairdressers or shoe shop!