Monday, 24 November 2014

CutieKiwi, ShineKiwi, Kingzrule, CrusaderKiwi, Pinkg1itter, Mims02 and SkyKiwi's Creative- City: Christmas Tree!

Hey Minecrafters,

As you probably know, ShineKiwi, Kingzrule, CrusaderKiwi, Pinkg1itter, Mims02, SkyKiwi and I have been working on a giant city. This week, I have something that is in what is currently just a big, flat, cobblestone area, but will soon be a City Square! Even though this is a Christmas thing, it's going to be there all year round- it took ages to build! :) Anyway, here's a photo.

Like it? Next week, a church and possibly a Starbucks..... Remember to comment and subscribe!

Keep Crafting Til' The Sun Goes Down,

CutieKiwi XD

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