Saturday, 6 September 2014

Shinekiwi's Quick Tip of the Week

Hey guys,

So the new update is out - 1.8 - YAY!!! Pretty exciting huh?! Well anyway, I'm still working on my mystery house for you guys, so here is my quick tip of the week, and it's great for you slightly lazier minecrafters out there:

Use a night vision potion so you don't have to set the time! ;)

This is great because you can just drink a potion that lasts for 8 minutes, and then you don't have to keep resetting the time - especially if you're building - because I know that that can be really annoying. 

Please feel free to comment with any tips or tricks you'd like me to share, and don't forget to subscribe to the blog! Hopefully, my mystery post for my houses chain will be able to be posted sometime in the next fortnight or so.

Keep Crafting 'Til The Sun Goes Down (and use my tips),

~Shine :P

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