Monday, 15 September 2014

Welcome to 1.8!!!!

Hey guys!

Don't know if your aware, but 1.8 is out!!!! After playing on it for the last week, here is a list of my favourite features!!!

Andesite, Diorite and Granite
This is amazing! These new kind of stones make life so much more interesting while mining! Plus, you can make great houses out of them. Sky and I have already made a house, and I made a castle with some of my non-crafter friends.

These little cuties really make my day! Seeing little bunny rabbits hopping along is soooo adorable! Good thing killing them doesn't give you anything amazing, I could never kill these things!!!

Ocean Temples
Although I have never conquered one of these on survival, I really want to. That is my goal on my new survival world, find an ocean temple and get a water-breathing armour so I can beat it!

Making castles got so much more interesting than these. They are sort of like flags. Plus, I've seen great designs of people making country flags! I want to make Hogwarts houses banners with these!

Armour Stands
They don't just look cool, they actually store your armour. Good if you don't want it to get damaged, and it's a nice display! A must have for every house, and easy to craft!

In conclusion, 1.8 is amazing! Thanks Jeb! Can't wait for new, amazing updates! Tell me what you think of it!

Smiley! :)

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