Saturday, 27 December 2014

Crafters Jnr!

Hello Readers and Fellow Minecrafters!

Over the past while, all of the Crafters have been planning an idea- Crafters Jnr! This will be a segment of our blog where younger minecrafters will write about their builds, tips and experiences- just like us Crafters! We’ve decided to add this segment as we’ve noticed we have a younger audience on our blog- a younger audience of just as talented Minecrafters as us Crafters, so we’ve decided to show their work too! We hope you enjoy this segment- their posts will be posted on another blog. We know that our soon-to-be Jnr. Crafters are really looking forward to this!

Keep Crafting Til’ The Sun Goes Down,

The Crafters


  1. Awesome! It will be great to see what perspective younger minecrafters have of the game! I will definitely be looking on their blog too! XD

    - Kathleen

  2. Good post. I completely agree. P.S: Check out